Jingle breaks in and breaks through on his glossy new single ‘Music Is a Joke’

On his latest single, Jingle breaks in and breaks through. Music Is a Joke is a bold, glossy attack on influencer culture and the misinterpretations of authenticity that emerge from it.

It’s been a big year for Jingle. With four singles already under his belt, the electro-pop newcomer has managed to carve himself a place in Australia’s music scene in just a few short months.

With a growing fanbase already behind him, it seems that the artist (a.k.a. Joshua Ingle) has produced his strongest work to date. Meet Music Is a Joke: the tongue-in-cheek, hyperpop-tinted banger that knocks down hustle culture in one foul swoop.


From start to finish, Music Is a Joke is a track that’ll have your head bobbing and your body grooving. Big, lustrous rhythms coupled with an air-tight render, Jingle has been able to combine his defining electropop/hip-hop blend in with the neon, plastic textures of 2020 hyperpop.

At its core though, the track is punching some serious nuance onto the face of electronica. Music Is a Joke feels like a bit of a cathartic journey really, detoxing itself from hype-culture and superficiality before restoring what was originally meant to be. We go from glossy, punchy beats to a soothing, bass-driven rhythm, all connecting to the artist’s underlying intention into his unfolding sonic landscape.

“Music Is a Joke is the latest release by independent Australian producer and songwriter Jingle,” the artist’s bio reads. “The song distances himself from standard pop and fires shots at Instagram and hustle culture. Wrapping up is the idea of reaching own personal standards and the question of whether an ideal of “perfect” is attainable. Jingle is experimenting with structure to create a stark contrast between highs and lows of pop music with a palette of hip hop and hyperpop.”

Experimental and bursting with personality, Jingle has hit a home-run on this track. It’s safe to say that we’re all on the edge of our seats waiting to see what he delivers next.

Check out Music Is a Joke below: