Joe Keery from Stranger Things has released his debut solo single

Steve Harrington, also known as Joe Keery, has released the debut single Roddy from his musical project, Djo.

This psych-pop venture is a slow jam with a whole lot of synths, accompanied by a softly singing and dreamy Keery.

“The hair Harrington” aka Joe Keery has released his debut psych-pop single, Roddy, under the alias Djo.

The track was announced via his Instagram, with the single’s mysterious artwork directing towards the link in his bio. The track is an immediate bop filled with harmonies and a whirlwind of keys while Keery’s soothing voice sings “There’s somethin’ wrong with this world/I feel it coming on/And contradictions take their toll/Is that where we went wrong?”

Roddy however isn’t his first musical endeavour, he was a part of the psychedelic band Post Animal but left before the release of their debut album in 2018. You can still hear his backing vocals in the band’s tracks Ralphie and Dirtpicker.

This release quickly follows the third and latest Stranger Things instalment, while fans are already speculating about the fourth. Meanwhile, Keery isn’t the only musical talent in the Stranger Things cast, Finn Wolfhard (Mike Wheeler) is the frontman for indie band Calpurnia, whose debut EP Scout came out last year. At least we can look forward to all these new tracks from these stars until we are blessed with season 4 of Stranger Things.

Take a listen to the track below.