Surprise surprise, John Mayer plays guitar naked after sex

John Mayer has shared new details about his post-sex activities: “Naked guitar playing is very memorable…It’s nice.”

John Mayer was the latest guest on Alex Cooper’s acclaimed podcast, Call Her Daddy. During the hour-long episode, posted to Spotify on Wednesday (December 21), the pair covered a myriad of topics – dating, sobriety, mental health, creative process…and post-sex activities.

When asked if he’s ever played guitar before having sex in order to set the mood, Mayer responded, “no, I do it after sometimes.” He added, “you should never play guitar to have sex with someone, but a little naked guitar playing after is very memorable, sitting on the end of the bed with a little gut hanging over. It’s nice.”

Credit: Happy Bluesman

The Your Body Is a Wonderland singer elaborated further, saying he likes how “people look when they fold up” and thinks it’s “cute.” As far as his dating life goes though, Mayer revealed that finding a special someone is not his top concern at the moment, and explained how sobriety impacted this.

“I don’t date that much. I look at it like this…dating is no longer a codified activity for me…It’s not patterned anymore.” He added, “I quit drinking six years ago. I don’t have the liquid courage (anymore).”

So there you have it, folks. John Maker likes to pick up his guitar and noodle in the nude after sexual activities. If you’re keen to hear the rest of the podcast, during which Alex Cooper quizzes Mayer on other aspects of his life, and also features a couple of acoustic performances by the man himself, check out the Call Her Daddy episode via Spotify below.