Johnny Depp made a surprise appearance on stage with Jeff Beck

Johnny Depp has surprised an audience in Sheffield, UK, joining Jeff Beck for a few songs as the jury is still out, literally, on the Depp/Heard trial.

At various points, we all need to unwind. For some, it’s relaxing with a cup of tea or martini, and for others, it’s getting on a plane after an extensive court case to surprise an audience at a Jeff Beck show. Johnny Depp chose the latter on May 29.

As they played covers from legends Marvin Gaye, Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon, the duo caused a sensation. This while the world has been gripped by the defamation trial Depp brought upon his ex-wife Amber Heard.

Johnny Depp and Jeff Beck
Credit: Ross Halfin

Johnny Depp and Jeff Beck have been friends for a long time. The pair actually collaborated previously, releasing a cover of Isolation by John Lennon in 2020. The guitar legend needs no introduction. Beck is widely considered one of the greatest guitar players ever to touch the instrument. He’s a veteran from the mid-60s British Invasion and an innovator who has often made the guitar sound like nothing we’ve heard before.

While the music is special and should be celebrated, the show has occurred while we await a verdict on Depp’s trial which is expected by Tuesday (Wednesday AEST).

Having aired his private life in such a public way, I expected Depp to retreat so the news was quite a shock.

In the past, the famed actor has referred to playing guitar as the only time he feels peace. I guess there was no better medicine than playing with one of the greatest players in the world. I hope it happens again very soon.

Listen to Isolation below: