Jonah Manzano’s ‘Story of Our Life’ is a rare acoustic love ballad

Aussie-Filipino singer/songwriter, Jonah Manzano, delivers a heartfelt, timeless tune dedicated to his wife on her birthday.

There is nothing more magnetic than music that oozes in honesty and sentiment. Sydney acoustic artist, Jonah Manzano revels in this notion with his latest track, Story of Our Life. 

The track was written and produced in the midst of Sydney’s lockdown, dedicated to Manzano’s wife and their journey together.

Jonah Manzano

For Jonah Manzano, music has been a constant golden thread throughout his life. Migrating to Sydney in 2002 from the Philippines (Pampanga), Manzano carried his skills on guitar, piano, bass, and drums into his new life after years of singing in church choir and learning piano on a pencil case at eight-years-old.

Story of Our Life, beams with a raw and genuine nature. Manzano weaves a classic acoustic riff with the soft slopes of strings and harmonies, creating a timeless track that can run effortlessly on repeat in the car.

The lyrics trickle with the heart of a classic love song as Manzano echos: “Singing like a lullaby, gonna be alright, we dance the night away”. 

Released on his wife’s birthday, it is clear that Manzano is translating the joys of his own life into soft tunes and daydreamy love ballads. His vocals are genuine and beam with an infectious passion and burst of colour.


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After a whirlwind of previous releases, Manzano explains, “I thought I should do a bit of different style of music as most of my songs are in slow tempo”.

Mastering the art of audio engineering at JMC Academy Sydney, the future is looking bright for Manzano and his career in the music world. Check out Jonah’s latest release, Story of Our Life, below: