Enter the vast, surreal dreamscapes of Josh Evert’s new EP

Imagine an entire EP centred on lush, atmospheric soundscapes. No, not imagine; dream. Devoid of structure or logic, Josh Evert’s latest work, good morning everybody, can you hear me? sounds a bit like Pond with Pink Floyd grandeur, and the stripped back, bedroom tones of Daniel Johnston’s Hi How Are You.

All that, but built entirely on layers of samples. It’s where psychedelia meets ASMR, and then the two are tugged at and melded until languid vocals and pile-driving synths create a strange synergy. The results are nothing short of captivating.

good morning everybody, can you hear me? takes you on a journey through Josh Evert’s dreamscape. The journey has a beginning, middle, and end, with a bunch of wacky sounds and concepts in between.

Written over the course of three years, the lush sounds that make up good morning everybody, can you hear me? are mostly improvised, but headed by a clear theme. Josh describes it as a reflection of loss, both of a friend and an election, and “the subsequent disbelief of that experience, and learning to sort through the static of hyperstimulation and shock politics.” It’s a lot to grabble with, and makes for a sonically diverse EP. 

good morning everybody, can you hear me? plays host to a really interesting story arc. The first few songs, especially don’t change, feel like a slow awakening from a dream (good morning). Samples of American rapper Serengeti inject an energetic rage into the middle section (especially in all around town me n julie) which are closely followed by obscure sci-fi themes. The EP finishes in a triumphant romp, with uplifting drums and jubilant samples from Serengeti.

Do yourself a favour and listen to the new EP above.