Josh Kroehn's debut EP is a textured and deep distillation of rock

Josh Kroehn’s debut EP is a textured and deep distillation of rock

Arriving fresh from the studio is Josh Kroehn‘s debut EP Something I’ve Found – a provocatively sharp contrast of slow rock thrashers, distilled with soft and often fragile vocal melodies.

Josh Kroehn

When listening to Something I’ve Found it becomes clear that Josh Kroehn’s music comes from a place of vulnerability and personal despair.

When delving into the often sharp and unpredictable song structure of Kroehn’s progressive writing style, the EP’s title track Processed Life is a great place to start. What begins as a gentle introduction to Kroehn’s self-reflective lyricism transforms without warning, into a chorus of heavily distorted guitars and drums. Kroehn masterfully catches listeners off guard, only to reconcile them with the high-flying vocal calls characteristic of his acoustic works.

Processed Life works brilliantly to set the tone for the rest of the EP as Kroehn continues to layer the infectiously gritty Pearl Jam-esque textures of his choruses with delicate and complex finger-pluckings on the acoustic guitar. Top these thoughtful instrumental foundations off with Kroehn’s high, wavering vocals, and what you’ll get is an uplifting EP that breaks through and mends deep emotional knots.

The second track Here I Burn is of particular note in Josh Kroehn’s cathartic musical project, supplying us with skillful repetitions of an arpeggiated guitar melody which gradually builds into a rock-heavy finale, typical of Kroehn’s clever build-and-release writing structure. As the track progresses, one can hear the jovial, festive pickings of a Celtic guitar melody, which Kroehn uses to invite listeners to share warm feelings before transcending personal insecurities in a chant.

Back In Time reminds us that it is ok to reflect on nostalgic sentimentalities and challenges of the past in order to know where to place your next foot forward.
The song ends with gripping repetitions of the phrase ‘never know‘; a simple statement that defines the EP as an unpredictable and challenging work which requires careful thought and reflection to understand the meaning in the undertow. The EP’s title, Something I’ve found, lends itself well to the introspective nature of Kroehn’s lyricism as a journey of personal discovery; each track being the realisation of Kroehn’s ongoing musical reflections.

Something I’ve Found is now available on Spotify and other streaming devices – Have a listen below:

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