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BOSS’ new MkII Katana series is an evolution of a modern classic

BOSS is keeping the release ball rolling by dropping the new MkII series of Katana guitar amps.

BOSS is calling the series “the evolution of a modern classic”. The MkI was definitely a fresh face for BOSS amps since the days of the BOSS cube series. The new MkII range comes in 4 different sizes – 100watt 2×12, 100watt 1×12, 50watt and Head format.Katana MKII

The new Katana guitar amps from BOSS are here to cut down the stereotype of digital amps. More features, more versatility and more power.

The biggest change to the Katana range is the addition of 5 more amp sims. The original Katana series had 5 whereas the MkIIs add a variation of each, for a total of 10 amp models. You can also use more of the built-in effects simultaneously now. Whereas before you were limited to three, the MkII range gives you five to work with. Similarly, the independent booster, mod, FX, delay and reverb sections boast three variations each for a total of 15 effects.

There’s also a new Stereo Expand feature with the 100-watt Katana MkII amps that allows you to link two amps together with just one regular cable. BOSS’ Tone Studio still allows you to tweak and tamper with your tone while also giving you the option to import you old MkI patches over to your MkII. We don’t see any reason not to grab one of these guys over a MkI. Especially considering the number of features and tone you get from something low-mid price tier.

To check out the complete MkII Katana series visit the BOSS website.