The outsider pop of Josh Purvis is unlike anything you’ve heard before

Entering into the bizarre rabbit hole of Josh Purvis’ music is a strange, hallucinatory experience. It’s like some twisted, surreal dream that’ll leave your bed sheets soaked in sweat.

That’s not to say it isn’t incredible. Purvis’ warped pop songs are completely mesmerising, and once you dive into these captivating sounds, you’ll never want to leave.

Strange, surreal, and completely unique: Sydney artist Josh Purvis is a songwriter you’re defintiely going to want to keep an eye on.

The Sydney singer-songwriter melds elements of pop, folk, psych, and indie-rock to create a sound that’s not like anything you’ve heard before. It’s somehow simultaneously mundane and fantastical – a truly unique musical project.

Purvis’ first album In A World Below was written about a “Bowie inspired fantasy world in the ocean,” while his new album Ripping Yarns On The L90 explores city life and the modern world.

Both albums have been turned into 45 minute+ YouTube clips, with the most recent video literally following the artist as he commutes on an L90 bus for its forty six-minute duration.

I never knew such a long, monotonous video concept could be so entrancing.

I’m thinking for my next album to mix new wave rock and hip hop influences with ideas revolving around dreams and the film IF starring Malcom Dowell,” the artist says of future plans.

Definitely keep an eye out for Josh Purvis… he’s quickly shaping himself into one of the most unique artists we’ve heard in a long time.

Do yourself a favour and listen to his material above.