Josh Sampson channels the songwriting greats on first single ‘Run to Me’

There’s nothing more enthralling than that old romantic story of quitting a full-time job to pursue an artistic endeavour. For Josh Sampson, this ideal has recently stormed into reality with the release of his first single, Run to Me.

Although the very first efforts of an emerging artist always offer palpable anticipation, they rarely convey a level of polish that Sampson seems to possess. On Run to Me, Sampson gives the impression of a songwriting veteran with experience that towers over his young discography.

Fremantle’s Josh Sampson has emerged from the ether with his first single, Run to Me. The track is a songwriter’s bread and butter, guided through the dreamy, old-school sounds of ’80s Aussie Rock.

Growing up in Fremantle, Josh Sampson always had music in his periphery. He spent time in the classical world as a child before turning to guitar late in his teenage years. From there, Sampson honed his craft as a songwriter. For several years he balanced musicianship with his formal education and eventually, a 9-5 office job. Fittingly, Run to Me is an expression of Sampson’s liberation after he courageously put his life on hold for a full-time commitment to music.

“Run to Me is me trying to deal with my frustrations and fear, show courage and make sure I keep my eye on the beauty and balance in life, without just getting derailed by the sad stuff,” Sampson described of the song.

Channelling all the expertise of idols such as Neil Young and Paul Kelly, Sampson has nailed these sentiments with aplomb. Lyrically, Sampson paints textured portraits of powerful familial values. Run to Me is an authentic appreciation for these deeply-rooted bonds and their unwavering support in times of uncertainty.

Meanwhile, his instrumental choices perfectly capture the distinct sounds of Aussie rock in the ’80s. Having formed a sharp enthusiasm for the genre since childhood, it is only fitting that Sampson’s music gives it a firm nod. Moreover, much like family, it is a celebration of yet another constant in Sampson’s life. This results in an emotionally cohesive piece of work and, as mentioned, displays capability far beyond Sampson’s experience.

Ultimately, Sampson’s first single couldn’t glow any brighter as a demonstration of his promise. We’re stoked to get on at the ground floor. Check out Run to Me below. Meanwhile, keep your ears open for Josh Sampson’s debut EP, Islands, hitting us later this year.