Trump Campaign compares itself to the Death Star, seemingly forgetting that it blows up

Donald Trump and his political team tend to have a bad habit of speaking before thinking. The Trump Campaign recently compared itself to the Death Star from Star Wars, apparently without realising that the space station belonging to the Empire eventually gets blown up.

It’s become clear that the U.S. President likes to compare himself to objects or characters that cause doom, death and destruction (exactly the kind of qualities we like to see in one of the most influential world leaders) – but we’re not sure he realises that many of these figures end up kind of dying?

The Trump Campaign recently compared itself to the Death Star, apparently unphased by the fact that the station gets blown up by Luke Skywalker.

Trump’s 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale recently took to Twitter to share: “For nearly three years we have been building a juggernaut campaign (Death Star).”

“It is firing on all cylinders,” he continued. “Data, Digital, TV, Political, Surrogates, Coalitions, etc. In a few days we start pressing FIRE for the first time.”

He then attached a GIF of the famous Death Star to his tweet.

Well done Brad.

Twitter users replied and mocked the campaign manager, but he didn’t stop there, adding: “I didn’t give our campaign the name, Death Star, the media did.”

“However, I am happy to use the analogy,” he continued. “The fact is, we haven’t used it yet. Laugh all you want, we will take the win!”

Again, well done Brad.

Remember the time that Trump thought Tom Hanks died because he doesn’t know simple English?