Julie Kember’s new album Million Lives is a nuanced collection of soulful blues

Julie Kember’s new album Million Lives is a funky blend of soul, folk and blues, showing off her versatility as an artist whilst maintaining her distinctive voice and unique method of storytelling.

Hailing from Eneabba in WA, Kember has a knack for tapping into her emotional side with ease; songs such as Undone and Can I Wear Your Shoes standing as honest, captivating and deeply personal. Following on from her 2016 EP Gypsy Woman, Million Lives is more experimental and impresses upon its audience a newfound sense of confidence.

julie kember

Julie Kember’s new album Million Lives is a blissful booklet of soulful funk and honest storytelling, solidifying her as one of Australia’s most exciting regional artists.

Kember is an award-winning artist, acquiring a WAM Award for Outstanding Regional Artist and several coveted WA Country Music Awards. But that by no means has restricted her from exploring more genres, instead, she has always sought to obtain a highly nuanced sound.

With majestically poetic, cinematic and relatable songs, the instrumentation on Million Lives is an integral part of the ongoing integration of her many influence.

Tracks feature bluesy keys, soulful backup singers or twangy electric guitar melody lines. Alongside versatile drum patterns, the record makes for engaging listening, Kember time and time again proving herself to be a musical chameleon.

If you’re in Fremantle, you can catch Julie Kember at the Million Lives Album Launch at the Aardvark, with support from Sydnee Carter and Rubert Guenther on the 25th of April.


Million Lives is out now.