Kabir’s new single ‘Overachiever’ will make you dance towards your goals

Byron Bay artist Kabir releases new single Overachiever, unpacking the pressures of competitiveness over self awareness.

In the ultimate indie-electric track, fuelled by passion and lightheartedness, Kabir releases Overachieverelectrifying the Byron Bay summer-vibe.

Coming from his previous single Party, Kabir’s voice simmers with the electric feel of his unique guitar melody and nostalgically retro style.


The track begins with a vibrant guitar riff, making you involuntarily bounce your head in tune with the rhythm. Bongos echo as Kabir shows off his impressive vocal range. Ringing the lyrics “you just wanna be, an overachiever”. Whilst the song stands under the the same colour-explosive umbrella as Party,  it also lingers with an added depth to hard-hitting, relatable societal pressures.

Kabir attributes the lyrics to dwell from individuals trying to be the best at what they are doing. The 22-year-old Byron Bay artist recognises that there is an unspoken societal competitiveness, where people compare each other’s achievements instead of focussing on what is best for them.

“If we focussed on ourselves more, we wouldn’t end up settling for something that isn’t part of our dreams” Kabir explains.

The groovy guitars riffs strike straight to the core of a Byron Bay breeze, with Kabir oozing in his talent on the bass, electric guitar and piano. The track builds up to the climatic pinnacle where the singer rings the word “overachiever” in high falsetto.


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The uplifting song crashes forward, moving listeners to believe in the value of their work over the pressures achieving it. What is refreshing, particularly in the indie-funk genre, is to be confronted by an artist such as Kabir that can balance the laid-back nature of a track with the hard hitting intention of a passionate purpose.

In an interview with Happy, Kabir gave his gratitude to the to beach as a place where he can creatively reset. It is hard not to see the similarity between the artist’s chaotically calming indie style, and the crashing of a wave on the Byron Bay shore.

Have a listen to Kabir’s new single Overachiever: