Kabir's new single 'Party' is perfect pre's material with its feel-good guitars

Kabir’s new single ‘Party’ is perfect pre’s material with its feel-good guitars

Byron local Kabir has written, recorded, and produced a fresh new single Party: a feel-good summer anthem that’s easy listening and catchy as hell.

Kabir looks and sounds like someone you’d want to drink with at a party, so it’s no surprise he’s been to a shit tonne of them. Growing up in Byron, the 22-year-old multi-instrumentalist and producer has penned a track dedicated to those nights out at the beaches.

Unsurprisingly, Party has got a charm and realness that only someone embedded in that scene could portray. Let’s dive in and celebrate the release with him.


Kabir began his solo carer in 2019, releasing the cruisy Summer. Since then, he’s been honing in on his music skills and writing a bunch of tracks. Party is the first to drop, and it’s a great sign that Kabir has been productive, recording and playing all the instruments you hear on the track. The single begins with some warm piano, then the rhythm hits. Predominantly, there’s a jangly, bright, electric guitar that feels inspired by the upbeat goodness of Parcels or Daft Punk.


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Meanwhile, a swaggered bassline paired with steady drums creates a backbone to groove to. Kabir sings in a high tenor, with a genuine authenticity that feels friendly and warm. When his harmonies hit in the pre-chorus, you’ll feel like you’re right next to him at the Byron shores. “We all like to party way too much,” he cheekily confesses in the chorus. It’s the track’s underlying theme: partying is where Kabir belongs, even if he goes out a little too often. Relatable content indeed. “The music keeps us moving, so don’t interfere,” Kabir warns the downers.

The track moves into a snazzy breakdown where the Byron Bay artist shows off some guitar chops, his instrument of choice. You can picture the tinnies cracking in the backdrop as the sun begins to set. If you’re a fan of Lime Cordiale or Tash Sultana, definitely give Kabir a spin. He’s got your pre-drink playlist sorted. We’ll be keeping an ear to the ground for the next release Kabir, smashing stuff.

Listen to Party below: