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Lady Gaga issues half a million-dollar reward after her dog walker is shot

Lady Gaga offers a huge half-a-million-dollar reward for her missing dogs after her dog walker gets shot. 

Lady Gaga is offering a reward of $500,000 (USD) to anyone who has seen her french bulldogs after they were stolen and her dog walker was shot in Hollywood.

Her beloved pets, Koji and Gustav, were in the dog walker’s care, out for a walk while she had been filming her new movie in Rome. Los Angeles Police Department has reported that the dog walker was shot by a semi-automatic handgun around 10 pm local time, but states that it is unclear whether the attack was targeted due to her celebrity status.

Photo: Surveillance footage/TMZ
Photo: Surveillance footage/TMZ

Paramedics rushed the male victim, who was in a critical condition, to a local hospital after receiving several 911 calls from distressed witnesses. According to sources that spoke to CNN, he is now “recovering well.”

Three dogs were on the walk with the walker, two of them were kidnapped. However, the third, Asia, escaped and was later found by the Los Angeles Police Department unharmed.

Gaga’s press representative has urged anyone who has seen the dogs to email [email protected] to receive the reward with no questions asked. The singer is currently filming her upcoming murder movie Gucci in Italy, not even in the U.S. to deal with the ordeal. 

Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery for the dog walker, and a safe return of poor Koji and Gustav!