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Kanye West doesn’t like the biff, breaks up photographer punch on with a hug

Kanye west hug

Between the release of his seventh album The Life of Pablo, his very, VERY bizarre support of Bill Cosby and hitting up rich people on Twitter to get him out of debt, Kanye West has proven that he is the omnipresent deity he claims to be. Well besides being a self-proclaimed artistic genius, Yeezy is also a lover, not a fighter.

knaye west breaks up fight

At the Los Angeles International Airport Kanye was mobbed by paparazzi when two photographers got into a scuffle, one of them throwing a punch. But before things could get out of hand, Kanye swooped in and gave one of the men a hug, saying “Bro, bro, come on man, cut it out“.

Considering Yeezy got in a bit of strife with the paparazzi in 2013, in the same place mind you, it seems the man has really turned a corner. Clearly we’re seeing the future president’s diplomacy skills at work.

Also, is that old dude at the end just casually taking a selfie with Kanye?

Via The Independent.


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February 22, 2016