Karen O announces next solo project and future plans for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Karen O has revealed that she has new solo material in the pipeline, and that a fifth album from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs might be in the works.

The American indie rock band hasn’t released new music since their fourth studio album Mosquito in 2013.

A recent interview with Karen and her bandmates Nick Zinner and Brian Chase revealed that they were waiting for inspiration to strike.

“The guys, for the most part, I think they’re waiting on my just ‘getting struck by inspiration’ for it, y’know? A lot has changed in my life in the last five years and I’m just kinda waiting for the inspiration to hit me – and then we’ll go.”

Despite not announcing a set timeframe for a new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album, Karen O has teased the very real possibility of her own solo project in the near future.

Karen revealed that she will definitely be putting out brand new material by the start of 2019.

“There’s a collaboration – some new music that I think is probably going to come out early next year. It’s a collab with a producer. It’s finished. We’re just kinda developing [it], like preproduction with the way we’re gonna roll it out.”

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs recently performed at their first live venue in five years at All Points East festival, and you can bet they played with the same high energy we love and expect from them.

Karen O remained the absolute epitome of the stunning frontwoman we know her to be. Straight off the bat, the vocalist performed fan favourite Y Control and huge singalong track Gold Lion.

via DIY.