Ex-Smith Street Band and Bennies members join forces on LOSER

Ex-Smith Street Band and Bennies members join forces on new project LOSER

Members from the Smith Street Band, The Bennies and Apart From This have joined forces to bring you an all new supergroup, LOSER.

They’ve released their first single Loser today, and the high energy elements of the band’s pedigree are definitely there.

LOSER debuted their cleverly titled single Loser with a VHS style, ’90s punk-inspired video. It looks and sounds exactly how you’d expect.

“The song is about trying to navigate the current social climate, feeling isolated, overwhelmed and conflicted between what you feel is right within yourself, and what everyone else is constantly telling you.”

The band was started by Tim Maxwell from Smashing Pumpkinsinspired Aussie punk group, Apart From This. The rest of the band is comprised of ex-drummer from the Smith Street Band, Chris Cowburn, and Bennies bassist, Craig Selak.

Vocalist Maxwell coins some of his biggest musical inspirations as Black Sabbath, Failure, and Radiohead and this new release is truly reminiscent of the ’90s rock we’ve all been missing.

‘Fuzzed out alt-rock in the vein of Weezer, Smashing Pumpkins and Nirvana.’

Supposedly after showing LOSER demos to his bandmates to be, Cowburn and Selak enthusiastically hopped on board.

To top it off, Violent Soho ‘s James Tidswell enjoyed this track so much, he included it on a recent 7″ club release through his record label Domestic La La.