Kate Bush reissues her Elton John cover with more rarities on the way

For the first time, Kate Bush has officially released footage of her 1991 cover of Elton John’s Rocket Man, with a four-disk rarities CD collection called The Other Side set for release March 8. Kate Bush fans, this one’s for you.

The rarities collection was first compiled for last year’s 18-LP catalogue reissue, and includes 12-inch mixes and B-sides, as well as rare songs from her work on film soundtracks – hear Lyra from The Golden Compass, Be Kind to My Mistakes from Castaway, and the title track from Brazil.

Photo: Rolling Stone

Kate Bush’s The Other Side includes an unreleased early demo of Humming, a cover of Elton John’s Candle in the Wind, and George and Ira Gershwin’s The Man I Love.

On her website, Bush reflected on her experience covering Rocket Man:

“I remember buying this when it came out as a single by Elton John. I couldn’t stop playing it – I loved it so much. Most artists in the mid seventies played guitar but Elton played piano and I dreamed of being able to play like him…”

“I wanted to make it different from the original and thought it could be fun to turn it into a reggae version. It meant a great deal to me that they chose it to be the first single release from the album.”

Hear her take on the song below.