KHDK Electronics joins Trivium to create the Ascendency Overdrive

KHDK continue their band collaborations, this time uniting with US metal group Trivium to create the Ascendency Overdrive.

The latest from KHDK Electronics is the Ascendency Overdrive, an overdrive pedal made in collaboration with Trivium’s Matt Heafy and Corey Beaulieu.

KHDK are a company known for their signature pedals for metal guitarists, with previous releases including the SGT D boost/preamp for Scott Ian of Anthrax and the LCFR overdrive/boost pedal for Nergal of Behemoth. Both of these pedals, like the Ascendency Overdrive, were extremely limited and sold out rapidly.

Early Prototype of the KHDK Ascendency
An early shot of the prototype of the KHDK Ascendency
Photo: KHDK

The Ascendency is designed by engineer Antonin Salva, whose intent for the pedal was the ability to perfectly recreate both Heafy and Beaulieu’s overdrive tones. Each pedal is hand-built and then individually tested at KHDK’s European workshop in Prague before being shipped out to its new owner.

The Ascendency has knobs for drive, volume and tone, as well as toggle switches labelled tight, headroom and mid-range. If you’re a Trivium fan thinking even slightly about buying one of these bad boys, then it’s best to make the most of your impulse buying skills, as only 333 pedals are being made.

Each pedal comes numbered, donning a cyber-punk styled artwork of a Japanese mask, designed by artist Dan Kurz. Alongside the pedal itself is a certificate signed by both Matt Heafy and Corey Beaulieu. While currently, there are no audio demos of the Ascendency, if the pedal is indeed as good as KHDK say it is, listening to the overdriven tones on any Trivium track should do the trick!


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The KHDK goes on sale on the 4th of June at 12 pm EST for $249 USD, and are not expected to last long. For more information, head over to the KHDK website here.