Kim Kardashian gets Roblox developer banned

Since Kim Kardashian’s son saw a joke about unreleased footage of his mum’s sex tape on Roblox, the company have confirmed the user who developed the video is banned.

In the first episode of the brand new Kardashian reality reboot, The Kardashians, Kim’s son showed his mum a video that referred to the unreleased footage from her sex tape with Ray J.

Kim responded by saying: “Oh it’s a game? Oh then we’re suing them if it’s a game with my name and face.”

Kim Kardashian Roblox
Credit: Youtube

Parents were outraged to hear the news as the game is marketed towards children and with an age rating of 7 years and over.

A Roblox spokesperson stated that “The referenced video was never available on our platform—we have strict moderation and policies to protect our community, including zero tolerance for sexual content of any kind which violates our Community Rules.”

“The text reference to the tape that got around our filters was quickly taken down and fortunately visible only to an extremely small number of people on the platform. We also swiftly took down the associated experience and banned the community developer involved with the incident.”

More to come.