WATCH: Meanjin’s own King Ivy, has dropped his latest single, ‘OY,’ a smooth dose of alt R&B

Wrap your entire being around this gem by King Ivy, and let it set the mood for the weekend ahead

The track kicks off with Ivy’s smooth vocals gliding over a lazy trap beat – a combo that hooks you in right away, so much so, we’ve listened to it three time’s straight.

‘OY’ gives off this laid-back, almost freestyle vibe, making it the kind of song you could chill to on a lazy Sunday afternoon, or like we said, set the mood anytime, anywhere. Check out the official vid below.

The drowsy yet addictive hook at the beginning sets the tone for a track that you’ll find yourself hitting replay on, floating through your music playlist without a care.

The title ‘OY’ kinda asks, “Oh Why?” But, when you listen to Ivy’s vocals, it’s more like an exclamation than a real question. It’s like he’s saying, “Yeah, this is how it is,” capturing that frustration of being stuck in your own thoughts without making it a big deal.

Expressed best by King Ivy himself: “It’s like revisiting memories with someone you used to be really close to, reliving both the good and challenging times you shared. Even though you know it’s not the best idea to delve into these discussions, you can’t help but get caught up in them, and it’s a cycle that keeps coming back. The process of coming up with ‘OY’ felt very natural, most of the lyrics were freestyled by me in the session with Toby Hobart. We are always going back and forth with unique and creative ideas that feel right for each track. There is no real structure involved; we just do what feels right. That’s what works best for us.”

‘OY’ not only showcases King Ivy’s laid-back delivery but also highlights his evolving style. The track is a cool mix of casual vibes and captivating melodies, solidifying Ivy’s place as an artist worth keeping an ear on.