King Krule and UK rapper Jadasea collaborate on new EP

London MC and producer Jadasea has released a debut EP produced in collaboration with Archy Marshall (aka King Krule, under his Edgar the Beatmaker moniker).

half-life is the first extended-release from the upcoming artist, and follows on from a single of the same name which dropped back in September (which unusually does not appear on the EP). It’s also the first extended-release from King Krule (who has recently been teasing new solo material) since his most recent album, The OOZ, dropped back in 2017.

half-life is the debut extended-release from Jadasea, and the first extended-release from King Krule since his most recent album dropped in 2017.

The EP is a claustrophobic, hazy affair, mixing mellow, down-tuned guitar with sour synth lines and stuttering percussion. The moody, lo-fi hip-hop of Spooky Black and the underrated Brother May and Micachu collaborative EP spring to mind as reference points, but ultimately half-life exists in a sonic world of its own.

Highlight ends opens with swirling keys and disorientating spoken word samples, reminiscent of Geogaddi-era Boards Of Canada, before morphing into a smooth, chopped n’ screwed hip-hop beat smothered in pitch-shifted vocal samples.

laments coasts atop a huge, gently undulating sub-bass line and fades wraps the EP up in a cacophony of reverb. Just 11 minutes in its entirety, half-life is an exciting and thoroughly uncompromising debut, and a promising sign of things to come for both Jadasea and King Krule.

The EP can be streamed in full here: