King Stingray’s debut album has won the 18th Australian Music Prize

King Stingray’s debut album has won the 18th Australian Music Prize, beating out eight other contestants for the 30,000 prize.

In a music landscape that’s constantly evolving and expanding, it can be a challenge for new releases to truly capture the attention of listeners. With so many artists vying for our attention, it’s a rare gem indeed when an album manages to truly stand out from the crowd.

But King Stingray‘s eponymous debut record does just that, offering a breath of fresh air with its unique blend of rock, punk, and traditional Indigenous sounds. So it’s no surprise that the album has been lauded as the best of 2022, and now, it’s been awarded the prestigious 18th Australian Music Prize, netting the North East Arnhem Land band a cool $30,000 in prize money.

king stingray
Credit: Press

This victory is no small feat, mind you. King Stingray was up against some stiff competition, including Foreign Language by 300, Everything Is Dangerous But Nothing’s Surprising by Body Type, Running With The Hurricane by Camp Cope, Amateurs by Laura Jean, The Real Work by Party Dozen, As Above, So Below by Sampa The Great, A Colour Undone by Tasman Keith, and Pre Pleasure by Julia Jacklin. But ultimately, King Stingray proved to be a cut above the rest, impressing a panel of over 30 music industry judges with its infectious energy, raw emotion, and unbridled creativity.

For guitarist and co-songwriter Roy Kellaway, winning the AMP is a dream come true. Speaking at the Sydney ceremony where he and bandmate Dimathaya Burarrwanga accepted the award, Kellaway said that the band was “unbelievably stoked” to take home the prize. “We had so much fun making this record,” he added, “and we just hope that listeners can hear the joy that we had making it, as well as feel the joy for themselves. It really means the world to us to hear people enjoying the album.”

And enjoy it they have. With its infectious hooks, incisive lyrics, and dynamic performances, King Stingray’s debut record has earned the band a legion of fans across Australia and beyond. It’s a testament to the power of music to connect people, to bridge cultures, and to inspire joy and hope in a world that often feels bleak and divided. So here’s to King Stingray, the 18th Australian Music Prize winners and the best band of 2022. Long may they reign.