Listen to CTRL ZEN’s new firey alt-rock single ‘OOPS I DIED’

CTRL ZEN combine spacey synths with alt-rock flair on OOPS I DIED, a new single borne from the pop duo’s interactions “with their futuristic cosmic mentors.”   

CTRL ZEN have released OOPS I DIED, a fiery alt-rock heater that serves as the pop duo’s sophomore single. The track features distorted and blaring backing synths, and sees vocalist LNY — who forms one half of CTRL ZEN alongside vocalist-producer TZN — sing “the end of time.” The glitchy production and hymn-like vocal harmonies serve as a reflection of CTRL ZEN’s moody sonic aesthetic. 

There’s an air of darkness that emanates from OOPS I DIED — with a gritty blend of alt-rock and thumping bass — which contributes to what the duo describe as “cruel compositions.” CTRL ZEN’s mastery of unique soundscapes harkens back to their multi-instrumentalist roots but is also a remnant of their self-described origin story. “In a past life, Tarzn and Larney were drinking tea and jamming by the ocean,CTRL ZEN’s website reads. 

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They were visited by terrifying hot Cosmic Beings who revealed themselves to be TZN & LNY from the distant future… Then they said, now you have to learn to use technology and become a hot electronic duo.” The celestial beginnings of CTRL ZEN’s inception are undoubtedly reflected on OOPS I DIED, whose spacey and atmospheric production feels like a glittery thrill ride through the cosmos, with thoughtful lyricism that further enriches the pair’s distinct musical vision.   

“Happiness is mine,” LNY sings on the track before a beat pause introduces a thundering hook. OOPS I DIED will be accompanied by an official music video, which is set for release later this year. The animated epic — which features cartoon versions of  TZN & LNY — is described by the pair as an interaction “with their futuristic cosmic mentors,” and will mark the first instalment of an ongoing CTRL ZEN multimedia saga.

In the meantime, scroll down to listen to the duo’s new single OOPS I DIED. The track follows CTRL ZEN’s 2022 single Jesus Christ, which was released in December and marked the duo’s first-ever musical offering.

In the time between, CTRL ZEN has been at work building their very own recording studio — a feat undoubtedly promising for fans eager to hear more from this rising experimental pop duo.   

Keep an eye out for the music video for CTRL ZEN’s OOPS I DIED dropping sometime in April, and for future releases from the duo coming soon. Listen to the new single below. 


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