Kingdom Calm ignite the blues-rock wave at Kelly’s on King

Wedged within the heart of Newtown, indie trio, Kingdom Calm, swirl an infectiously energetic sold-out gig, oozing with utter enjoyment.

Kingdom Calm. You may not have heard of them yet, but you sure as hell will. The exhilarating trio are a gorgeous swirl of retro surf-rock with a swizzle of indie-punk, a scrumptious mix if you ask me.

The group; Andy Smith, Matt Power and Sinclair Alexander, rumbled the bones of Kelly’s On King with their sold out gig, playing 10 original tracks that echoed long after the night ended.

Kingdom Calm

I came across the band at a friend’s house party, whilst the usual electronic music played without a spark, an electric retro guitar riff suddenly grabbed my attention. I ran to the DJ and asked him what the song was called, and I was shocked to find, I had just met the drummer of the track, Andy, playing; Follow The Leader. 

Heading to their sold-out gig at Kelly’s was a no-brainer, I simply melted in the Kingdom Calm pool of textured melodies and infatuating personalities.

Following an opening act from the deliciously sweet, Strawberry Swing band, the gig was ignited by Kingdom Calm’s newly released single, The Old Guitarist; a glistening rock tune that involuntarily nods the head.

What followed was, Do It Yourself, with lead vocalist and guitarist, Matt, bellowing in his 60’s guitar riff and grounding tone. I had never seen a trio so electrically vibrant before, the group just blended so meticulously, it felt like a textured swirl of blue.


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In My Mind and Time On My Hands sunk deep into the brain, with Andy’s drumming completely hypnotic and colour-bursting and Sinclair’s bass strums dancing in their sonic beauty.

The whole set was utterly exciting and eye-catching as the neon lights shone under the musicians as they teased the crowd with their seamless melodies and chords. Matt became the embodiment of Back To The Future’s Marty McFly, as he hopped off stage and strummed an electric guitar riff for their track, Waiting Room Blues, similar to the nostalgia of Chuck Berry’s, Johnny B. Goode


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Oozing with energy and enjoyment on stage, the group played their crowd favourite Follow The Leaderan electric abundance of joy and bass beauty. Kingdom Calm were simply overflowing with energy and grounding passion, so much so, that they jumped off stage to play an encore of The Old Guitarist. 

One this is for sure, it is impossible to sit still when you are in the sonic prescience of Kingdom Calm. Be sure to catch their next gig at the Oxford Art Factory on 27 May, grab your tickets here.