glu has put together a 4 am party playlist for your next cooked house rave

glu has put together a 4 am party playlist for your next cooked house rave

To celebrate the release of debut single The Party, glu puts together the ultimate songs to play at your next dirty 4 am house rave.

We have not yet recovered from the glass-shattering track glu has delivered for our next house party…. the only thing that can make the song better is to chuck it in a playlist for the exact situation it was written for.

Happy gave glu a free-for-all wild card to put together the ultimate tracks for the late night ravers and my goodness he did not disappoint. So here it is, glu’s 4am Party Playlist, listen with caution… or don’t.


Luh Da Feelin – Playboi Carti (ft. Slug Christ)

This early Carti shit really do hit different. Hearing how happy he is to have his first mil. The beat and the progression is crazy too, and Slugger’s cracked verse works really well to break up the second half.

Valee – Hike Hitcher

This shit is enchanting. The beat barely evolves and Valee just rides that shit so well. If you having a bad trip this blissful shit will bring you out of it. My friend got high once and listened to this. He said it felt like it just went on for 10 minutes but it was the best 10 minutes ever. Facts.

4sho – Indigo Child Rick

4am Psych Rap. U tripping. Boy is hella underrated, can’t believe he never really blew up in the mainstream. The way he rides the beat for almost 4 minutes without any real consistent flow or a hook is hard as fuck.

Lucifer Love – Yung Lean

Gotta show love for my boy leany. One of his early tracks, hard to come by but sick dark vibes. The shitty processing on Lean’s vocals adds to the vibe, and murky beat with random star wars samples are insane.

You’ll Cowards Don’t Even Smoke Crack – Viper

This shit a blessing. Always gotta bump and show love. If you ain’t smoke crack Viper gonna make you question why.

Robb Mah Hoe – Black Kray

Had to toss up between this and Gvcii Speedboats but for 4am this is more the vibe. This like 4:30 when u starting to get turnt again. The mixing of the bass is ludicrous and amazing


Bktherula is next up for real, amazing singer, but the psychedelic beat on this shit mixed with her brutal rapping and adlibs is def more the glu vibe.

All Of A Sudden – Mutant Joe

Home Invasion Anthems baby. Y’all gotta check out Mutant Joe if you want that underground UK shit. The bass on this track with the bars are fuckin punishing.

Awake – Tkay Maizda (ft. JPEGMAFIA)

You got insomnia and you can’t sleep? This shit won’t help. Stay the fuck up. One of the best rappers coming out of Aus right now, paired with the most influential dude in experimental rap atm? Gotta bump.

The Party – glu

Best until last. It’s 5am. Get lit. glu on that shit!


With this playlist, The Party won’t be stopping anytime soon. glu is without a doubt the master of the house party.