Kings of Leon drummer slams Sydney golf course “no tattoo” policy

Kings of Leon’s Nathan Followill roasts a Sydney golf course for asking him to cover his tattoos: “Welcome to the 1950’s.”

After visiting an unnamed golf club in Sydney this week, Kings of Leon drummer, Nathan Followill, took to Twitter to vent his frustrations about its “no tattoo” policy.

“A Sydney bucket list golf course for me just went on the fuck it list,”  he wrote on Tuesday (October 25). “I was told I would have to cover up my tattoos due to a ‘no tattoo policy’ Welcome to the 1950’s and a hell of a way to grow the game.”

Credit: Donna Ward / Getty Images

The American drummer is currently on Aussie shores, along with his fellow band members, as part of their tour. In a follow-up Tweet directed at the golf club, he said, “I will invite them to our show but they will have to show a fresh tattoo to get in.”

Of course, this entire debacle has sparked a powerful reaction from the Kings of Leon fandom, who are equally furious about the unnamed club’s ‘no visible tattoos’ rule: “This is such an idiotic policy,” Tweeted one fan in response. Another added, “Seriously? Wow. That is hard to understand. Golf is a weird sport!”