Sydney’s newest indie-pop band Kintsugi offer up an infectious sophomore single

Releasing their debut single just days before the country went into isolation, Sydney five-piece Kintsugi are back with a new one, BOY.

Named after the Japanese art of repairing pottery with gold, Kintsugi began 2020 with high hopes. After a sold-out gig at Oxford Art Factory in March, their new project was quickly put on hold by the pandemic. Much like their namesake, they’ve had to inject some glitter into the cracks that COVID-19 has formed in the industry.

Their sophomore single, BOY, is a radio-ready triumph. Melding the magic of post-production, they’ve captured the hypnotic tones of electro-pop with a discreet RnB sensibility. Buoyant keys invite you in whilst the nostalgic message with demand your attention.

BOY opens with heavy, purposeful piano, much like a classic ballad. However, this is quickly paired with breathy, textual moments that form a great sonic spaciousness throughout the track. Lead vocalist, Hunter, is the perfect heroine. Her velvety lower register is controlled and dynamic. Never running away from her, she guides the three-minute song through its paces with ease.

Bursting with pop-eruptions and undeniable hooks, BOY is unabashedly emotional. Told from the female perceptive, it’s an introspective look at relationships – something we’ve all considered during this years dramatic re-alignment. As a result, some powerful parallels are weighed up between the reckless relationship in question and our pre-corona audaciousness. Poignant lyrics paint a picture of regretfulness after crossing the boundaries in a friendship:

“Don’t stand cause all I needed was an easy friend/ Boy, we’re burning bridges only to find out there’s nothing more.”

Wielding together bold vocals with drums, keys, bass and guitar, Kintsugi have everything at their disposal. Moreover, their creative choices are refined. Hot pink lettering splashed across a simple etching is the supreme cover art choice for Kintsugi’s musical method:


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Produced at the earmarked hands of JOY. and Chris Collins (Gangs of Youths, Middle Kids), BOY had no choice but to flourish in its craftsmanship. With 80,000 plays on Spotify between their two releases, Kintsugi won’t let a global pandemic stop them.

Enjoy their latest slice of gold on Spotify below: