The Atlas State serve up a hypnotising slice of psych-rock brilliance on ‘See You Anyway’

On their latest single, The Atlas State navigate the four walls of psych-rock and deliver a fresh, addictive, and brilliant new soundscape.

An Eden of psych-rock, Perth has produced another sonic prodigy in the form of The Atlas State. With a number of captivating singles to their name, the five-piece have proven, yet again, that they are ones to watch out for with their latest release.

See You Anyway pops, crackles, and sizzles from the moment it hits the pan, blending complex production with smooth and ambient soundscapes. It’s a must-listen.

the atlas state

See You Anyway is a fully realised psych-rock masterpiece. It challenges itself constantly, bending and diving through walls of synth, brass, and rhythm that eventually pools into a complete sonic landscape. Yet, for all of this complexity, the track certainly doesn’t lose any of its charms.

At its core, The Atlas State has created a groove-laden hit that compels you to get up and boogie. It’s rich but soothing, detailed but accessible.


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“See You Anyway expresses the frustration of being helplessly obsessed with another person,” the band explain. “The song draws upon personal experience and it is injected with passion and melancholy. It’s a full and immersive listening experience, and sinks into a pillow of driven psychedelia.”

Do yourselves a favour and dive into the brilliance of See You Anyway below: