Kit Harrington to take on new film about ‘Frankenstein’ writer, Mary Shelley

GOT legend, John Snow, aka Kit Harrington, is set to take on a new film about the life of Frankenstein writer Mary Shelley.

Spoken-word, sex, drugs, and Baroque ‘n’ Roll, a new film by Fulwell 73 Production House, Mary’s Monster is set to bring Frankenstein novelist, Mary Shelley’s two-year journey in the writing of her gothic classic to life.

Kit Harrington has announced he will be playing ‘The Monster’ one of the most iconic characters to ever grace the page or screen, alongside Danish actress Clara Rugaard who has secured the lead as the mother of sci-fi, Mary Shelley.

kit harrington frankenstein
Credit: Open Tapes

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein: or, The Modern Prometheus (1818) was inspired by a ghost-writing contest one dark stormy night in June 1816 at the tender age of 18. Yes, that is how cool Shelley was. 18. Burgeoning post-adolescence kids out there, take note. 

A fantastically dark, and gothic novel, Frankenstein, is known as the first true work of science fiction. Influenced by the experiments of Luigi Galvani, Shelley’s novel is an investigation into the destructive nature of power when connected to wealth and ego. 

Becoming an instant hit at the time of publication, Frankenstein gave birth to its own mythology that is still very much present in the consciousness of the world to this day. There is a misconception that continues to plague every generation since its birth, that the monster is the one who is called Frankenstein, and since the Creature actually considers himself the child of Victor Frankenstein, who is metaphorical for Victor Hugo’s huge ego, it’s fair enough to say, that the inference isn’t altogether incorrect. 

The film’s synopsis via Fulwell 73, who is leading production, says “Mary is seduced by her own inner monster catapulting her into a dangerous, destructive psychological romance. Realizing the monster is inextricably linked to her own mental state, her only route to salvation is in bringing him to life.  Described as a rock ‘n’ roll take on Shelley’s mental struggle to write her classic novel. It will combine couture fashion with gothic horror and tell the 19th-century tale through a modern lens using “contemporary music, spoken word, sex, drugs, and Baroque ‘n’ Roll”.

Key casting for the film includes Ferdia Walsh-Peelo who plays Shelley’s poet husband Percy Bysshe Shelley and Sebastian De Souza who will play poet, Lord Byron.

Kit Harington shared in a statement, “Mary’s Monster is a brilliantly original and fascinating script and I’m relishing the idea of depicting the unique part of The Monster. An embodiment of Mary Shelley‘s psyche. I’m excited by Farren’s vision and passion for the project,” 

Director for Mary‘s Monster, Farren Blackburn who has directed The Innocents, Shut In, and, Netflix/Marvel’s Daredevil, Iron Fist, and The Defenders. said: “Mary’s Monster is a film about the female voice, mental health, gender politics, and disenfranchised youth. For me, no character in history has ever captured the zeitgeist quite like Mary Shelley and Mary’s Monster is the defining period film for the modern YA generation.

“As a filmmaker, I love that genre allows us to hold a magnifying glass up to these kinds of issues and look at them in the most imaginative way possible, and in my opinion it doesn’t get more imaginative than Mary Shelley facing off against her own inner Monster.

“Films this unique and original don’t come along too often and I’m beyond excited to be at the helm.”

Shooting is scheduled to begin in the UK in August.