Meet Slammer: Klevgrand's new percussive playground
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Meet Slammer: Klevgrand’s new percussive playground

Slammer is a throwback to every young drummer’s love of smacking pots, pans and buckets. This time though, it sounds fantastic.

Slammer is the latest release from creative software company Klevgrand. Appropriately named after the Swedish word for rattle, Slammer is the groovy, down and dirty drum plugin that focuses on being fun to play. Making use of 30 different instruments and thousands of samples, this is a percussion plugin that has a lot to offer.

Slammer’s samples range from your standard fat snare to the underside of a steel shovel, resulting in the potential for some seriously funky junkyard beats. That’s not where the fun ends though. The plugin features multiple dials for added tuneability, including reverb, tone and of course, dirt, which controls the distortion and compression.

Drummer with Slammer
Photo: Klevgrand

Each sound can be completely customised, with the user interface featuring controls for filtering, pitch, decay time, velocity mapping, effect sends and more. With Slammer, Klevgrand wanted to make a plugin that was not only easy to use and practical, but also fun. “If you’re looking for a drum instrument, giving you ‘instant gratification from the first hit, this is it.”

Adding to its creative credentials, Slammer doesn’t overwhelm with a massive library of sounds. Rather, it presents a curated experience — so instead of sample surfing, users can just get into creating.

For more information on this fun-filled plugin, check out the Klevgrand website.