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Stay at home with Klevgrand’s Ting, a new household percussion instrument

Stockholm based audio app producers Klevgrand specialise in stylish, easy to use apps to kickstart your creative process. Their latest offering, Ting, looks to be one of their more unique products – a new percussion instrument built around sounds from your own home.

Inspired by self-isolation jams, Klevgrand’s Ting takes some of the most ordinary sounds you can find in your home and folds them into a fully playable musical instrument.Klevgrand Ting 2

Klevgrand’s latest app Ting puts the ‘home’ in home studio, transforming household objects into a stay-at-home drum machine.

Using around 500 samples from 12 different household sounds – a flower pot, some loose cutlery, a couch, for example – Ting brings these everyday objects to life. An EQ, room and reverb control, and a compressor transform these ordinary sounds into a workable instrument.

The Ting interface recalls the kind of textures found in early iPhones, staying in line with the found object theme of the app. Each sound is linked to a specific MIDI trigger, with each of the 12 notes in the octave corresponding to the 12 different sounds. Each sound has a series of independently adjustable properties, including Pan, Gain, Dynamics, and Pitch.

Five different rooms are available, still riffing on the home instrument theme, with names like Home Office and Kitchen. There are also six different reverb algorithms, and both the room and reverb can be configured individually with each sound.

All up, Ting looks like a pretty creative use of some unique sounds. It’s currently available for macOS or Windows for an introductory price of $14.99USD, down from the regular price of $19.99USD. It’s also available for iPad in some regions, but it looks like the iOS version hasn’t made it to Australia yet.

For more information, head to Klevgrand.