Komplete 13 from Native Instruments delivers big for guitarists

Native Instruments announces Komplete 13, the latest version of their premium production suite with a stack of new guitar features.

Native Instruments has just launched Komplete 13, the latest version of their flagship production suite. Though it encompasses the full breadth of modern music production requirements, guitarists are the big winners in this new version. 

The Guitar Rig 6 Pro is generating the most excitement from the latest release. The multi-effects rack and amp simulator has been completely revamped and includes a host of new features, including new amps, effects and guitar editing tools. Its interface has been reimagined and given a clean new look to create organisational ease and help customise your presets. 

Komplete 13

Aside from the axe-centric updates, there are several other exciting new additions in Komplete 13. The Cremona Quartet is a string quartet that was created from painstakingly sampling rare, vintage instruments in the Italian city of Cremona. It allows unprecedented levels of expressive control, letting you emulate authentic sounds such as bow length and vibrato. It also has a mixing feature which means that the sounds can inhabit ultra-realistic acoustic environments.

The other notable new inclusion on Komplete 13 is Arkhis, an orchestral instrument specialised for cinematic scoring. It contains a diverse library of 90 sounds sources recorded at Berlin’s iconic Teldex Scoring Stage so it’s a treasure trove for film and game music composers. 

Of course, a key advantage of the Komplete 13 Bundle is its bang-for-buck, since buyers will save up to 90% on the combined cost of the individual products. If you want to check it out before its October 1st release then go to the Native Instruments website.