Kurt Vile’s brother Jelloman is getting his own documentary… Here’s the incredible first trailer

A new documentary is set to be released following the antics of Paul Vile, aka Jelloman, titled Jelloman, if u will.

Having established himself as a fixture in the Philadelphia music scene, Jelloman (who happens to be Kurt Vile’s brother) delivers jello-shots to musicians and punters alike.

With appearances from Kurt Vile, Angel Olson, The War On Drugs, and Hinds, this new trailer for documentary Jelloman, if u will looks absolutely incredible.

Jelloman also designs incredible jello-shot murals and Jelloman t-shirts, all of which can be seen in this insane new trailer.

The documentary was filmed by Colin Kerrigan, who first started the project as a photography assignment for Vice… though continued to develop the story by filming Vile.

Paul’s got a lot going on and is incredibly magnetic. He speaks his own language, he’s friends with some well-known entertainers, and he embodies the American hustle in his day-to-day drive to make more jello, money, and friends,” Kerrigan says.

Throughout the trailer you’ll also be able to spot appearances from War On Drugs frontman Adam Granduciel, Angel Olsen, Hinds, and of course Kurt Vile.

For more info on the documentary, and a chance to contribute to its production, head over to its Kickstarter page.

Via Pitchfork.