FourPlay String Quartet's new single Bound is unlike anything you've heard before -

FourPlay String Quartet’s new single Bound is unlike anything you’ve heard before

In the past, whenever you’ve heard the words “string quartet” your mind has probably wandered to a vision of some stale orchestra. Well, not anymore. FourPlay String Quartet are here to redefine what a sting quartet can be.

On their latest single Bound, the group deliver something that’s unlike anything you’ve encountered before.

Dirty, sultry, and crunching, FourPlay String Quartet’s new track Bound will change your perception of what a string ensemble can be.

Having started as a traditional classical quartet, the group started changing things up when they began covering such artists as Radiohead, Rage Against The Machine, Sufjan Stevens and Leonard Cohen.

In ’95 the band completely shook things up when they purchased their first set of pickups and distortion pedals. The result is what we’re seeing here today; a crunching explosion of innovation, musical talent, and a bit of insanity.

The track kicks in with a dirty and completely infectious riff that’s reminiscent of Let Love In-era Nick Cave. And by its conclusion, you’ll have been kicked in the face by a bat-shit crazy viola solo. Yep, not your average string quartet.

The song’s accompanying video sees the band take over a small bar that matches the song’s dark and gritty nature. Do yourself a favour and watch the clip above.