Listen to Kyle McLachlan from 'Twin Peaks' try out an Aussie accent

Listen to Kyle McLachlan from ‘Twin Peaks’ try out an Aussie accent

Kyle MacLachlan, best known as Dale Cooper from the cult TV show Twin Peaks, has posted a hilarious video on Twitter where he attempts some Aussie slang.

It seems the Sex and the City star is going a little cray-cray as he buckles down in quarantine, self-isolating in an apartment in Sydney’s CBD.

Dressed in a daggy grey sports sweater and even dorkier thick-framed glasses, MacLachlan is all-out Dad humour in this clip.

Image: Junkee

“Crikey! My day is choca-block! Fair dinkum!” he exclaims while taking a sip from a large white coffee mug – a signature of his icon Lynchian character.

“Once I pull on my dacks, from brekkie to arvo and even on to din-din, I’m flat out!”

He’s really getting into it, isn’t he?

MacLachlan is currently self-isolating in Sydney after arriving from LA earlier this week to begin filming Joe Exotic, a television adaptation of the Wondery Podcast of the same name.

Joe Exotic is based on the life of Joseph Allen Maldonado-Passage, a big cat expert and convicted felon who achieved widespread international fame following the Netflix series The Tiger King in 2020.

Joe has a reputation for being a little on the insane side, and it seems like MacLachlan is following suit with his hilarious video.

Then again, we can’t really blame him: we’re all going a little crazy right now during this lockdown, and clearly, this is the Twin Peaks‘ stars humble effort to stay positive.

“When I finish quarantine the first thing I’ll do is get into my budgie smugglers, slip on my thongs, grab my Esky and head to the beach for a sunbake,” he says to the camera as he continues with his Aussie rant.

“Then after a couple of snags on the barbie with my cobbers, we’ll soak a slab or even a goon bag from a bottlo, oh it’ll be a right good piss up. No wuckas.”

Oh, brother.