L-Fresh The Lion

L-Fresh the Lion is 24 and from Sydney, and has a magnificent beard. His music’s not too bad either.

l fresh the lion

Actually, his talents stretch beyond his hip-hop music making; as well as having completed two degrees he is also involved in spoken word poetry. Oh and he’s also supported Nas, as in one-of-the-best hip-hop-artists-in-the-entire-bloody-globe Nas. You go L-Fresh!

It’s always nice when artists strive to break free from the traditional moulds and constraints of their genres – L Fresh (predominantly hip-hop obviously) draws a lot of influence from his Punjabi heritage. He also includes some brass in his single One, and I like it. I like it a lot.

His music is upbeat and vibrant. It’s perfect for summertime listening; a nice wee bottle of beer, your mates and a BBQ at the beach.