Lakyn's new EP & Pains is his most fully-formed release to date

Simultaneously cinematic and personal; Lakyn’s new EP & Pains is his most fully-formed release to date

Lakyn has been kicking around the Australian music scene for some time now. In the six years since he released his first EP Better Than That, the singer-songwriter has developed an incredibly endearing sound that’s not quite like anything else currently making the rounds.

Lakyn’s latest offering & Pains is undoubtedly his most fully-formed release to date, and sees the artist refine his signature blend of indie-rock, soul, electronica, and pop to deliver something truly mesmerising.

On his new EP & Pains, Lakyn creates mini-universes within each of his songs. Getting lost in them will never not make for an intriguing listen.

With the EP’s first three tracks – View Looks So Good, Sweet Days, and West – having already been released as singles, we were already privy to Lakyn’s new beat-driven sound.

However, the second half of & Pains holds just as much weight as the first. With Lakyn’s resonant vocals, each of these songs are a glimpse into the personal world of the artist. With lush, textured instrumentation, you’ll find yourself immersed in the mini-universes that Lakyn creates within each of his tracks.

It feels simultaneously cinematic and personal; by the time & Pains reaches its melancholic conclusion on Soldier, you’ll have been completely roped into this series of sprawling soundscapes. Even if this is your first time listening to his music, you’ll walk away feeling as if though you’ve been listening for years.

Do yourself a favour and listen to the new EP above.