Lana Del Rey’s new album is “coming soon”

Lana Del Rey’s new album is “coming soon”

A quiet little comment is causing quite the stir, with Lana Del Rey’s manager Ben Mawson adding a little cheeky “coming soon”, to an Instagram post over the weekend.

Lana Del Rey’s follow-up to last year’s Blue Banisters is “coming soon”, according to her manager Ben Mawson. Over the weekend (Sunday 5th) , Mawson shared an article featuring Del Rey’s 2019 performance at the Hollywood Bowl, from the “20 unforgettable Hollywood Bowl concerts” article by the LA Times.

A true star,” he wrote in the post. “one of the greatest living female songwriters that will influence for decades to come and a real performer that has inspired multiple generations. Big love and proud of @honeymoon forever. New music incoming.”

Lana Del Ray new Album
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As she prepares to release new music, Del Rey had a chat with W magazine, in which she discussed her creative process, and why she is so inspired by the natural world. Mother nature and working from the heart is nothing new for Lan Del Ray, nor is the sunshine state of California, which is a near-constant, cropping up in her videos, and lyrics, since way back when.

Lana notes in the interview, that her father, who was a deep-sea fisherman, who worked in elements, is a big part of her expression as a songwriter. My dad is a deep-sea shark fisherman—he has been for 15 years—and he lived on a boat in Providence, Rhode Island, from the age of 15 to 18. He was also a storm chaser. In California, earth, wind, and fire are huge. All the elements are taken into consideration with my art, all the time. Which is funny, because people often ask why I sing about California. But I usually sing about wherever I am, and it just so happens that California is such a storm center right now. I mean, I’m from Lake Placid, the coldest spot in the nation. For me, the California landscape never gets old.”


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Del Rey’s skill at infusing her music with the life that she inhabits is central to her process. Given she now resides in one of the most beautiful locations in Sands Point, the tip of a peninsula on the North Shore of Long Island, that was the inspiration and fictional location for East Egg, of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, we can’t wait to see how this setting resonates musically with her as yet unreleased, but highly anticipated album.