Las Tetas – The Plains

Las Tetas are a raw band that refuses to submit to the void promises of auto tune and over-polished studio edits. Their music gives you a real insight into their authentic and honest sound, which fortunately, won’t alter depending on whether or not you see them live or listen to a recording. Las Tetas are originally from Auckland, NZ but their muffled music would be better suited floating over an abandoned ghost town.

las tetas

Las Tetas drunken 90s rock sound explores the dark side with their heavy distortion and bass lines. This band commands confidence, just listen to The Plains!

I might be slightly paranoid but I swear that beyond Las Tetas’ shadowy tunes lie the faintest traces of subliminal messages. Las Tetas actually means ‘tits’ in Spanish. So I’m really not sure what to make of the significance behind their cryptic sound. Considering the title of their band, I’m certain that it translates to something as quirky as the girls themselves.

Their video The Plains came out in July and revolves around a melancholy story line with hauntingly beautiful effects. The vocals are sung in the style of 90s drunken rock, and draw influence from the melody lines of the same era. Comparable to the Runaways in some respects, the trio experiment with dark layers of distortion and heavy bass riffs.

Once again the excited bass runs ahead and introduces itself first, leaving the drums and electric guitar behind. The bass is confident and grimy, but leaves the corners empty allowing the pure electric guitar to promote a sense of balance and modesty.

Just a quick glimpse at the girls’ Facebook page gave me an idea of how busy and successful the band has been, playing local shows all over Auckland. If you’re into grungy, punk rock, rich with bass and distortion, you need this band on your iPod. Watch their first video The Plains on YouTube and listen to their band camp on repeat. Oh and like them on Facebook while you’re at it, and don’t be confused by all the photos of cleavage on your way there.

*Editorial would like to add that we think the band might be huge Interpol fans which is okay with us! logo designers sydney 



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