Late November share a fan-curated playlist of Aussie rock, fuzzy harmonies and “nostalgia beyond language”

Late November tap their fanbase for a stellar curated playlist that includes Ocean Alley, boygenius and Pinegrove.  

Last week, we caught up with Townsville band Late November for an insightful yarn about their new music, early origins and — perhaps most importantly — how to overcome a hangover. The rock eight-piece recalled their encounters with fellow Aussie bands on the festival circuit, went deep into the recording process around their recent tracks Mr Invincible and Deadweight, and championed their hometown’s “booming” music scene.

The latter topic was especially relevant, given that — with just a handful of singles to their name — Late November stand as one of Townsville’s (if not Australia’s) most promising acts. The outfit are primed to release a new EP midway through this year, which will undoubtedly serve as culmination of their impressive catalogue, refined since the band’s inception some eight years ago. 

Queensland band Late November

With that in mind, we sat down with Late November for a run-through of their go-to playlist, as curated in collaboration with some of their biggest supporters. See their fans’ choice picks below, and head here to listen to Late November’s latest single Deadweight.

Denzel Carlos: Antidote – Orion Sun

Listening to this song feels like being able to fly and soaring through the clouds for the first time. The beauty of the track to me lies in the restraint of the drums combined with the loose high hats/snare, it really lets the song hit heavier while still being a stripped back arrangement. Orion Sun’s lyrical style strikes me as honest while still being able to paint a stylistic view of her world. It’s one of those songs that helps me see the beauty in a lot of mundanities that I normally overlook in life.

Kris Gounaris: Pirate Radio – Jean Dawson

I was introduced to this song a while ago and it very shortly after became a mainstay on my travelling playlist. The vocals are well performed, particularly the “ooh”s after the chorus which add to the emotional experience. The choice of Eb major for the key was very appropriate – any other key that comes to mind would stray from the songs intentions. The melancholy lyrics are comforting while experiencing moments of deep thought, as I so often am on my way home from work.

Aden Rock: Youth – Sonic Grandma

Nostalgia beyond language. Somewhere we’ve all been, with memories we all share. A beautiful midwest song that allows the listener to explore whatever thoughts and emotions arise. Just enough going on to make you focus with with just enough freedom to let your mind wander.

Sam Naborisi: Endless – Pinegrove

The feel, the harmonies and the lyrics. This song, like every other Pinegrove banger, ticks all the boxes. I just love how the groove feels like your power sludging through a thick bed a Milo coloured mud, with every step just making it back on beat. The way the warm tone of the Bass hits right where you want every time. This mixed with the picturesque lyrics just paint this beautiful orangy, pink/blue mural in my head everytime I listen to it. It just sounds so fucking tough. I love it! Oh and the ending Harmonies!!! They’re just so fuzzy and inviting. This song finishes off a long work week quite well.

Alex Thomas: affection – BETWEEN FRIENDS

This is the type of track that will transport you back to a deeply impactful situation, either positive or negative, or both at the same time. The way the chorus filled guitar floats around with the breathy vocals is beautifully ethereal, and the bass line in the chorus is a grounding force that brings you back to reality with newly positive inspiration. The best track for night drives, love it.

Hayden Dunlop: Snake Eyes – Ocean Alley

First Ocean Alley track I have heard in a while and it does not disappoint. The overall balance between the instrumentation is incredible both from and a production standpoint and in the arrangement. The main verse riff perfectly cascades between the electric piano, rhythm and lead guitar. All while the simple but driving drum groove and corresponding bass part give the song the momentum to keep moving. I have always loved Baden’s vocals and he really shines on this track. My only gripe would be I feel like Ocean Alley have overused the slap back/distorted vocal effect that just takes away from an awesome vocal performance.

Kodie Redfern: $20 – boygenius

This one tosses you around with the switch between time signatures, and between the harmonies, the synth patch, and the guitar riff that opens the song, it just feels so ‘teen movie’, especially when you look at the lyrics. That opening riff being doubled with strings is a great idea and adds so much depth. Simple enough to be easily enjoyable, but enough happening that it keeps things interesting – a perfect balance

Anthony Minehan: I Still Dream About You – The Smith Street Band

This song was the first song that came on when I clicked shuffle and gave me instant nostalgia from listening to death to the lads by Smith Street with my sister in her room. I love the Australian accent a lot and the heaviness of the song; it reminds me of a slightly heavy late nov with no horns.