Late November endure the throes of a hangover on new single ‘Mr Invincible’

Queensland band Late November struggle in the morning after a booze-filled event on rowdy new single Mr Invincible.  

Late November have shared their latest single Mr Invincible. The single, which arrived last month, serves as somewhat of a warning call about “not knowing your limits and dealing with the aftermath,” the Queensland band said in an accompanying press statement. With lyrics that read like the morning-after regrets of a hangover, Mr Invincible pairs its concept with raucous instrumentation and gritty vocals — marking another collective and euphoric effort from the Townsville seven-piece. 

“Waking up every time feeling like shit,” the song opens atop scratchy guitar strums. “I can’t help but wonder why I put myself through this.”  Later, Mr Invincible builds to its chorus with anthemic trumpets and climactic drums, as vocals lament being “wasted again.” The single references the feeling of invincibility that comes with a night on the booze, with catchy and crisp production that belies the song’s lyrics about messiness and its screamo-leaning hook. 

Late November single Mr Invincible
Credit: Press

Elsewhere, Mr Invincible incorporates the tinkle of cheersing beer rims and distant overheard clamours as air instruments soundtrack the outro. Speaking of Mr Invincible’s origins, Late November said the track musters the early-morning delirium of “necking two bottles of vodka and passing out on a strangers front lawn when you were trying to book a taxi.” The band continued: “This was our first completely self produced track, we had hired an AirBNB just under an hour outside of Ingham, and recorded this in a makeshift studio.”

Late November — composed Alex Thomas, Aden Rock, Patrick Carlos, Samuela Naborisi, Kodie Redfern, Kristopher Gounaris, Anthony Minehan and Hayden Dunlop — accompanied Mr Invincible with a music video, which was directed by Kodie Redfern. The clip follows the bandmates in the throes of hangover, stumbling around a share house as they down half-finished beers and lie almost-paralytic on bunk beds.   

Mr Invincible is joined by fellow recent Late November singles Fishook and Bird Brain, which were released in 2021 and 2022, respectively. The songs will no-doubt form part of the tracklist of the band’s appearance at Brisbane’s Super Fun Day this weekend (March 18), where they form part of a lineup that also includes Dune Rats, Ruby Fields and FIDLAR, among many others. 

Mr Invincible single Late November
Credit: Press

Listen to Late November’s new single Mr Invincible below.