LAUREL delivers another immaculate, glossy pop number with ‘You’re the One’

Barely a moment after she released her latest EP PETROL BLOOM to the world, LAUREL is back with You’re The One. And with it, the news that another EP is on the way.

It was only last December that LAUREL released the stunning PETROL BLOOM EP, and it seems she has no intention to fade from the forefront of our minds. Today she has released You’re the One alongside a music video, showcasing there’s plenty more from the LAUREL that 2020 delivered us.

The new track continues her confident dive into big-room pop, songs where the production is big and the vocals are bigger. The magnitude of Scream Drive Faster or Best I Ever Had was just the beginning, it would seem.

screenshot from 'You're the One' music video
Image: screenshot from ‘You’re the One’ music video

You’re the One comes doused in a familiar duality for LAUREL; that of the old and the new. Both the song and its accompanying video delight in placing the retro alongside the hyper-modern; you’ll behold VHS overlays, CRT television sets, and a bass line straight out of the ’80s while LAUREL delivers a vocal sound that’s contemporary through-and-through.

It also plays handily into the theme of the song – the idea that we all harbour a “teenage honesty that no matter our age will always be within us, ready to erupt in a moment of lust.” Just as phases come and go in all forms of art, those basest parts of ourselves are, too, cyclical.

“It speaks to all of our addictions and crutches”, LAUREL continues in her description of You’re the One. “Our ‘true loves’ in moments of necessity.”

“When people, drugs, alcohol, sex, and ideologies become that one thing that could save us, or that we can take refuge in temporarily from our human pain. In those sober moments it is quite understandably transparent and far too intense for the depth of the relationship, leaving us feeling out of control however in the moment we are totally fixated by each of our own ‘the one’s.”

You’re the One is the first single from an upcoming EP LAUREL is calling a spiritual successor to PETROL BLOOM. Change, I think we can all agree, is always appreciated, but so too is when an artist hits a bullseye. After hitting her first ever Hottest 100 showing with Scream Drive Faster, a legion of new fans will no doubt be waiting for more of the good stuff from LAUREL.

Delivering it sooner, rather than later, will surely be met with nothing but praise. Especially when it sounds as lavish as You’re the One.


You’re the One is out now via Communion Records / Virgin Music Australia. Stream or purchase the single here.