Glistening artist Layla Kay deep dives into nostalgic pop with ‘I’ll Be Lonely’

In a swirl of neon-pastels, Queensland artist, Layla Kay has returned from three years in the UK with her new single I’ll Be Lonely. 

Breaking her release hiatus with a burst of synthetic colours, musician Layla Kay delivers a gorgeously dreamy single well worth the wait.

I’ll Be Lonely is a nostalgically 90’s pop track, dripping with cinematic synths and the effortlessly infatuating vocals of Layla Kay.

Layla Kay

The track was written by the artist during her lockdown in the UK, alongside Gold Coast producer Dylan Lindquist. In an effort to keep sane in what would have been a shivering European winter, Kay oozes in warm harmonies and a glistening synth tune. The golden flecks from this track seep through with ease, like light peaking through a cloud.


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In her revolutionary new sound, Kay has shimmered past her acoustically-folky style, pushing for an immersive pop rhythm. The track begins with the dreamily-electric guitar strum, much like Nancy Sinatra’s timeless riff in Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down). With the smoothness of the tune, sliding on the lavender and rosy synth-slopes, its hard to imagine Kay doing anything else – a burst in the direction of the artists’ lush career.


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Glimmering in a lavishly catchy tune, the songwriter takes inspiration from the classic storytellers; Roy Orbison and Kate Miller-Heidke, blending a tunefully perfect mix of heartfelt angst and dramatic flair.​“I’ll Be Lonely is a lyrical reference to heartbreak. It’s an observation that if a lover leaves, I’ll be lonely, if only for a while” the artist describes. Kay’s 90’s lyricism pours in her honest and smooth tone, harnessed through her 19 years of experience in the music industry.

The newly bursting pop-artist had used her time in the UK to encapsulate the soulfully colourful sound that suits her so well. We can rest easy knowing that Layla Kay will only continue on this infatuating streamline into glowing nostalgic pop waters.

Check out I’ll Be Lonely below: