Litters delivers another infectiously charming track ‘I Like You’

Brisbane artist, Litters, oozes a youthful lust and golden timelessness in endearing new track I Like You.

Litters returns less than two months after the release of Diamond Eyes with another magnetic indie-gem, I Like You

Much like his previous single, I Like You carries the lighthearted ease of an artist who tells a story with every aspect in a song – melting with honey-like harmonies and a glistening tune.


The track simply encapsulate the ease of Litters’ infectious aroma, his indie-rock charm blending with the electric synths and glowing drum beat. The single came about in a way every artist hopes for, abundantly flowing like a stream of consciousness. “The lyrics and chord progression came about in one take. I was so lucky I had my phone recording, it was just one of those times where the stars aligned” Litters recalls. And aligned they did, shimmering with an indie softness and flowing with a glistening beach-like texture encapsulating the artist’s style in a way he had seen before.


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Along with the playful tune of the track, comes Litters’ harmonically relatable lyrics. The songwriter recalls the single forming after being poised the question “why do you like me?” in a past relationship. Litters’ became stumped with the notion of putting another human in a box with a description, especially when he couldn’t even describe himself. “Knowing yourself before you can get to know someone else is not a new concept, but to actually live through it and to feel it is a another thing altogether'” Litters recalls.

What magnifies Litters’ as the storyteller he is, is his raw and genuine honesty in writing lyrics that are hard-hitting in a soft acoustic riff; “the truth is, I don’t even know myself” he echoes. I Like You is not only a whirlwind tune but it is hard-hitting in meaning – a blend very few artists can swirl.

Litters will be celebrating his single with a launch this Friday 30 April, if you’re lucky enough to be in Brisbane, grab your tickets here. For the rest of us, we can simply simmer in Litters’ infatuating track below: