Litters spins unsaid words into symphonies on his new single ‘Diamond Eyes’

On his latest single, Litters yearns for a nostalgia that is both fading but will never leave.

Litters has returned with a stunning new treat for fans.

At its core, Diamond Eyes is a sparkling ode to lost love that rests along the margins of indie-rock but, in reality, the track is so much more. Nothing weights heavier than unsaid words, and Litters turns this agony into a chorus.


Gossamer, riff-driven indie-rock that doesn’t pierce at the ears, but softly washes around them. It’s a track to fall into, it’s a track to move to. However you need it, Litters has made sure it’s for you.

Synth-washed indie rock that teeters between psychedelic textures and surf nuances. What emerges is a refined, poignant tone that holds its weight in its relatability. Although you may not directly relate to his lyrics, Litters is able to conjure liminal spaces in his words that allow any listener to venture in.


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It’s what listeners have come to know and love from the songwriter.

“Diamond Eyes is about the person that I loved with my entire being,” the songwriter explains. “I truly loved everything she did… until I didn’t. Then she became my biggest teacher/lesson and catalyst for growth. She was a gift and I would not be the person I am today without her.”

Do yourselves a favour and dive in below: