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Leaked image reveals new Arturia PolyBrute synth

The cover for next month’s issue of Sound on Sound magazine has offered up a sneak peek at the Arturia PolyBrute synth.

Arturia’s line of Brute synths has been a boon for the French company and for fans of analog synthesis. Following the recent release of the Keystep 37, Arturia has a bigger surprise on the horizon: a new PolyBrute synth. This time around, we haven’t quite heard it from Arturia themselves.

All we have to go off is the cover image for next month’s issue of Sound on Sound magazine that was accidentally released recently. The cover boasts the claim that they have an “exclusive review of Arturia’s flagship polysynth” which is already enough to set the pulse racing.  From what we can see of the new instrument, it has elements of the MatrixBrute, combined with the knobs and faders format of their smaller offerings.

Arturia PolyBrute synth

There’s not much more to go off regarding the specs of the new synth but on careful inspection, it looks like a new and improved version of the MatrixBrute in a smaller package, with updated features.

The PolyBrute looks to have three oscillators per voice with the MatrixBrute’s familiar interface slimmed down. There’s also a peculiar wooden block on the left which could be some form of expressive controller.

Upon its original release, the MatrixBrute was arguably one of the most powerful analog monosynths ever created. Its unique modulation matrix allowed for users to create their own routings and produce a multitude of distinct sonic palettes.

So, understandably, we’re very excited to hear more about what Arturia has in store with the new PolyBrute. In the meantime, get reacquainted with the MatrixBrute below.