Leonie Kingdom’s new single So Much More is a light and enjoyable testament to living

Leonie Kingdom’s new single will have you holding back tears as she confronts the difficulty of living that overcomes us all from time to time.

So Much More could feel suited as the soundtrack to a grey, rainy day spent indoors – it’s a stripped-back, down-tempo track fronted by an earnest and distinctive vocal delivery.

So Much More is a tender tribute to those days which feel impossible to get through, delivered with earnest lyrics and a songwriting prowess that give Leonie Kingdom a wisdom beyond her years.

A finger-plucked acoustic guitar opens the song, complementing the vocal melody, while piano chords or a drum beat may occasionally cut through gently, like a knife through butter.

For the most part, these subtle changes may go unnoticed as the lyrics keep us captivated and wanting to know more. While the song is sparsely arranged, the production evokes a sense of density and richness.

So Much More also displays Leonie Kingdom’s lyrical finesse, giving the song a heartwarming tenderness as she sings about the weariness of life. While I’ve made it sound like a heavy song reserved for those nights alone with your thoughts, it is actually a light and enjoyable listen with a positive message.

“I thought it would be refreshing to put a lighter and positive feel into a song with a big meaning,” says the musician.

She reminds us that, ultimately, these feelings are fleeting, as she encourages us “to keep going when life gets tough and remember there are other people going through their own struggles in life.”


So Much More is available now.