Unlocking the Four Pillars of ‘Another Domino Map’

Australian musician and performer Levi J. Burr is set to release his highly anticipated album, “Another Domino Map.”

To celebrate the launch, we unlock the Four Pillars of ‘Another Domino Map’ with the main man Levi J. Burr.

Burr’s skillful acoustic guitar work, and his deep connection to legendary musicians like John Fahey and Jack Rose are explored in depth, as is the enlistment of pedal steel virtuosos B.J. Cole, Will Van Horn, and local artist Jy Banks.

levi j burr

Join in celebrating the culmination of Levi J. Burr’s musical journey at the Gasoline Pony in Marrickville on October 27th. It promises to be an evening of music that resonates long after the final chord.

  1. Acoustic Guitar Symphony

At the core of ‘Another Domino Map’ are the rich and resonant tones of three remarkable acoustic guitars. Burr’s collection includes a vintage 1981 Guild D-35, a captivating 2015 Gilet dreadnought, and a 2002 Taylor 310. The D-35 and the 310 were inspired choices, influenced by legendary musicians John Fahey and Jack Rose. The Gilet, in particular, boasts a massive sound with breathtaking tonal qualities.

Burr’s guitar artistry takes centre stage, with a poised solo performance throughout the album, except for the track ‘Orange Juice,’ where Darren ‘D.C’ Cross contributes a second guitar part. Remarkably, audiences have mistaken the single-guitar performance for an ensemble. Burr’s mastery of Concert, Open C, D, and Double Drop D tunings shines through, despite the logistical challenges of transporting multiple guitars! 

  1. Pedal Steel Dream Team

Burr’s endeavour to assemble an exceptional cast of musicians for ‘Another Domino Map’ resulted in a dream team of pedal steel virtuosos. Leading the charge is the legendary Englishman B.J. Cole, whose illustrious career includes collaborations with iconic acts such as the Verve, Spiritualized, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Cat Stevens. Cole’s presence on two tracks is nothing short of an honour and a privilege.

Adding a modern twist to the pedal steel magic is Will Van Horn, renowned for his work with Khruangbin, contributing his distinctive touch to two songs. The discovery of both B.J. Cole and Will Van Horn through Tompkins Square’s ‘A Survey of Modern Steel’ LP was a watershed moment when deciding on solo parts for the record. Local talent, Jy Banks also lends his pedal steel prowess to the album, setting the stage for a sonic journey with various angles.

  1. A Sharp, Owlhoot, and Cirrus Oxide Studios: Where Creativity Unfolds

The genesis of ‘Another Domino Map’ can be traced back to A Sharp Studios in December 2022, where initial tracking sessions with Daniel Natoli set the stage for the album’s identity. Natoli’s remarkable abilities as an engineer left an indelible mark on the project. Burr’s Owlhoot Studios became a hub of creativity, as he studiously tracked bass guitar, synthesiser, and banjo while awaiting the arrival of pedal steel parts from overseas.

The recordings then travelled to Cirrus Oxide in California, where Chuck Johnson, a maestro in his own right, worked his spell. Chuck’s synth and pedal steel guitar feature on three songs, in addition to him taking care of the mixing and mastering of the album. The result? An shimmering aural tapestry that leaves no room for disappointment.

  1. Gasoline Pony: A Musical Oasis

The next step on this musical journey will be celebrated with the launch of ‘Another Domino Map’ in the welcoming embrace of the Gasoline Pony in Marrickville on Friday, October 27th. For many the Gasoline Pony is more than a venue; it’s a second home, a sanctuary. It exudes a comforting warmth that draws folks back in time and again. Here, the good beer flows, an inviting atmosphere prevails, and a community of talented musicians gathers.

The down-to-earth owners transcend the stereotypes of the music industry, focusing on the essence of good times and great music. With the ambiance of a New Orleans speakeasy, the Gasoline Pony has witnessed countless remarkable performances that would be impossible to list without omission. Join us on Friday night for the live unveiling of Levi J. Burr and his band’s musical magic.

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